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Simone Doyle has a special gift for seeing the best your home can be — the cleanest, the neatest, the most user-friendly. With Simone, it's way more than clean.



A team of punctual, quiet, and expert cleaners transforms your home in a matter of hours.



Simone's expertise in home functionality and use of space will make your rooms work harder for you.



Messes are manageable with a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly cleaning appointment that cleans, sanitizes and restores order.




There really is a place for everything in a Simone Doyle home. Let her show you how the things you own can fit together in harmony.



Keep your office space in tip-top shape with after-hours cleaning services.

About Simone

Nice to meet you!

Simone Doyle came to the United States from Brazil in 2006. She found her niche in home services right away, and provided cleaning by herself for years. In 2011, word-of-mouth grew her business beyond what one woman could handle. She added a team of staff who care as deeply about perfection and professionalism as she does. Now, with her team in place and with her extensive knowledge of home organization and planning, Simone can provide cleaning as well as custom home solutions!

Simone knows that house cleaning is very personal. When you welcome a stranger into your home, you must be able to trust them. That's why Simone personally oversees every consultation, takes notes, and reviews every home and homeowner's preferences with her team. Then, she periodically checks in on the work and makes recommendations to continue to optimize your home. She cares deeply about doing a great job, and it shows — customers love coming into a Simone Doyle home!

The Team

Simone's team of workers receives specific instructions and guidance on the way you like your home cleaned and the places that are most important to you. Simone guides their work for the first few appointments, and for maintenance plans she deploys her team to do their work solo.

All employees are fully bonded and insured.

Plans and Pricing

Home Cleaning Plans

Every home—and every family—is unique. From pets to school projects to dinner parties or overnight guests, your home needs a different schedule of cleaning than your neighbor's. At your first appointment, Simone will design a plan that works for your lifestyle. She'll also note frequency, special areas of traffic or dirt, and precious or unique items that you would like cleaned periodically and in a certain way.



All prices vary by home size and frequency of appointments.

Call for your free consultation and estimate!

Maintenance cleanings on an interval of your choice keep things spic-and-span from regular household traffic and use.

Special cleanings for parties, overnight guests, or home sale will make sure your home looks its best!


"More time

for what I love."

A clean home is one where more spontaneous fun, more creativity, and more relaxation can take place. Go ahead — play! We'll take care of the rest.

I never thought I would hire a housecleaner. But with busy full-time jobs and evening commitments, my husband and I were finding our weekends consisted of cleaning and nothing else. That's just not how we want to spend our time. Simone knew exactly what to do the moment she entered our house; she explained everything to us and then like that, her crew was everywhere! My home got a deep clean to start, and then Simone and I decided how often she would come back for upkeep. Now my husband and I have more time for what we love to do, and Simone has become a trusted friend.


Phoenixville, PA

Simone is absolutely wonderful. She has worked for me for 10 years and is very good about my personal preferences. Her team always does the right thing. She is an excellent cleaner and takes the profession to new heights. Simone really cares about what she does. All of my neighbors use her now. She is something special!


Chester County, PA

Everything thing is just spotless. With anyone else, it wouldn't be right, but with Simone, it is. She never leaves a stone unturned. She treats our house like it is her own. She even organizes our stuff! Once we were away on vacation, and when we came home, all of the windows and screens had been cleaned by hand. Amazing. She also ensures that her staff adheres to her standard of quality, and she truly cares for her employees – I admire that. I would definitely recommend her!


Chester County, PA

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