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All rooms:
  • Dust picture frames, shelves, knickknacks, furniture, baseboards, lamps, blinds and woodwork

  • Remove cobwebs from all places

  • Wash inside of windows / vacuum screens

  • Clean window sills, ledges and shelves, door frames and kick plates

  • Clean glass surfaces and mirrors

  • Vacuum upholstered furniture, including under cushions.

  • Vacuum/Mop all floors, carpets, rugs and stairs

  • Remove trash, clean and disinfect bins and replace bags

  • Light switches wiped clean

  • Wipe all ceiling fan blades

  • Clean and disinfect counter tops, backsplashes and exterior of all cabinets

  • Clean and scrub and sanitize sinks

  • Clean and disinfect and polish taps

  • Clean the exterior of stove, refrigerator, dishwasher any other small appliances.

  • Remove and clean burners and knobs from stove

  • Clean microwave oven inside and out

  • Clean and disinfect table and chairs or stools

  • Cleaning of outside surface of range hood

  • Deep clean (only on special request; incurs extra charges): Refrigerator inside, oven inside, inside of cabinet

  • Clean and sanitize all cabinets, mirrors and countertops

  • Clean, scrub and sanitize showers, bathtubs and sinks

  • Clean and disinfect glass surfaces and mirrors

  • Clean and sanitize vanities, backsplashes and toilets

  • Wash floors and tile walls

  • Change bath towels and toilet paper

  • Deep clean (on special request): Inside of cabinets

Special Request
  • Clean Walls

  • Stove cleaning (Interior)

  • Refrigerators (Interior)

  • Organizing things inside kitchen cabinets, etc.

  • Exterior Window Cleaning (if accessible)

  • Closets (Interior)

  • Cabinets (Interior)

  • Real Estate / Open House cleaning (and staging rooms with items you already own)​

  • Vacate cleaning (after you have packed)

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