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about our services

What are your service areas?

We are based in Chester County and PA's Main Line area. Currently we cover:


Bryn Mawr

Chadds Ford



Delaware County


Kennett Square




... and many more towns and boroughs! Contact us to find out if your home or office is in our territory.

What do you clean?

For a detailed list of what we clean, please see each service page such as Residential or Office.

What is a deep clean?

When we come to your home for the first time, we will assess if a deep clean is needed to reset all rooms to a clean state. Deep cleans include emptying and cleaning your refrigerator, cleaning ovens, shampooing or steaming carpets, and other more thorough cleanings. This service is an additional charge. Then, on each subsequent visit, we will do a maintenance cleaning, only circling back to the deep clean items on an interval we discuss and agree upon with you.

Should I clean before you come?

Clutter is the most important thing to remove before we get there, so we can access all surfaces and floors. Pick up toys in playrooms and throughout the home; clear surfaces of clutter or paperwork; clear dishes from the sink; pick up laundry. 

What about my pets?

Please crate dogs before we arrive, and note that we do not clean litter boxes or dog crates.

What about precious items or heirlooms?

Please let us know at your first consultation if you have precious china, pictures, artifacts or heirlooms that we should not clean or should avoid because they are fragile.

Can you clean when I am not there?

Yes! You can give Simone a key or hide a key for her and we will will clean while you are not there.


How quickly can you clean my home from when I call?

We can usually accommodate you if you call within 48 hours of your special event or the time by when you need your home to be clean.

Do you offer green/natural cleaning?

Absolutely; we ask that the homeowner provide the green/natural cleaning solutions and supplies they would like used in the home and our team will use them.

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