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How She Does It

Organizing Each Room

Simone will ask you how you use your space, because knowing how your home works will allow her to put the right items in the right place. You'll go over your routine, your trouble spots, and your high-use areas.

Making it Natural

When architects build a home, they create a flow from room to room – it is the reason your mudroom is by the door to your garage. There is a science to putting things where they are used. The same is true for objects - the location of the things you use most often can make your day-to-day feel more natural, more organized, and more at ease.

Pretty doesn't always work.

Just because something looks good in a particular spot doesn't mean it belongs there. Simone will balance form and function in your rooms.


Approximately $75 per hour

Organization services for kitchen cabinets, bedroom drawers and closets, garages and more

At your free consultation appointment, the entire job will be estimated for you

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